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FINANCIAL BULLETIN, WINTER 2017: 'be prepared for new auto-enrolment changes'

"Automatic enrolment of employees into workplace pensions has been much more of a success story than predicted.  In the last three years, over 8.5 million people have begun saving for their retirement and almost 800,000 employers have successfully complied with their automatic enrolment duties, according to the Pensions Regulator"
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"Thousands of people are transferring out of final salary pensions in order to get their hands on a potentially significant cash fund.  Once the decision is made, however, it can't be reversed, so it is crucial to make sure you get the right advice.
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FINANCIAL BULLETIN, SUMMER 2017: 'The importance of reviews'

"Several important changes to tax and benefits were introduced at the beginning of 2017/18.  So it makes sense to review your financial planning regularly to make sure it's still fully effective.  After all, past year's sensible strategy could be this year's tax trap."
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FINANCIAL BULLETIN, SPRING 2017: 'The benefits of transfers?'

"The overwhelming majority of people who have been fortunate enough to be a member of a defined benefit (also known as 'final salary') occupational pension scheme should stay with it.  After all, there is not much wrong with a guaranteed, inflation-linked income, which you cannot outlive.
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