Green Investments and Ethical Funds

Ethical investment funds have the special remit of investing in companies that, for example, do not cause harm to the environment and are deemed to make a positive impact on people, society, and the environment in which they operate. Ethical investment funds have been around for over 25 years, but choosing the right fund can be challenging. It needs to meet your standards of moral responsibility as well as being a sound investment that agrees with your attitude to risk.

Green Investment and Sustainable Investment

Accessing Green Funds and Ethical Investments

Investment Solutions is proud to to offer ethical advice to investors seeking to participate in the market but without the worry that their investment may be helping to fund companies that are detrimental to our society and our planet.  With access to the leading fund managers with specialist ethical, green, socially-responsible and sustainability funds, Investment Solutions can build a financial plan that helps make a difference to your financial future as well as the future of the world around us.

Types of Ethical Investment Fund

Ethical and Green Investments come in all shapes and sizes and many have very different investment objectives.  For example, one fund may invest in ethically-sound corporate bonds issued by UK companies whilst another may invest in International Equities issued by green companies in foreign markets.  

As a result, the performance and risk of these funds will vary, just as they would with other investments.  Investment Solutions can help you manage this risk effectively with some of our state of the art planning and research systems.

If you have any ethical concerns when it comes to investing, ask Investment Solutions.

Screening Investments

Ethical investment funds screen the companies that they choose to invest in.  This screening can be ‘positive screening’ or ‘negative screening’.

Positive screening will result in the support and encouragement of companies that are involved with services such as:

  • Green energy    
  • Sustainable living
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental services

Negative screening will result in the avoidance of companies dealing with, or linked in any way with:    

  • Gambling       
  • Weapons and armaments
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco      
  • Energy companies with unsatisfactory environmental track record