Private medical insurance is a product that is taken out as a preventative insurance for any illness, disease, or medical treatment that you may need in the future. The main benefit of private medical insurance is to receive treatment for a condition immediately and at a time and place of your choice as opposed to waiting on NHS waiting lists without the choice of where and when you are treated. With a medical insurance plan in place, you are able to minimise disruption to your daily life and get back to a normal healthy life quicker. In addition to speed and choice, the standard of care is generally higher in a private hospital as you often have you own room, see the same consultant all the way through the treatment, and in most cases have a medical professional to speak to for second opinions and more claims that are complex.

If you;

·         Have not looked into health insurance before but are interested in understanding how it works and the costs associated with it.

·         Currently have Private Medical Insurance and would like a free, unbiased review to ensure you are on the most suitable cover and not paying any more than         you need to.

·         Currently have Private Medical Insurance and don't believe you are able to change your coverage due to your medical history

·         Spend time abroad and want to ensure you have appropriate coverage for both when you are at home and away.

Then please contact us and we will arrange for you to speak to a specialist with over a decade of experience.  We look forward to hearing from you.