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November 2017:

MARKET COMMENTARY, OCTOBER 2017: 'Are we in the midst of a Goldilocks Economy?'

"A Goldilocks economy is usually defined as an economy that is not too hot that it causes inflation and not too cold that it causes a recession.  such an economy is normally characterised as having low unemployment, increasing asset prices ....
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October 2017:

MARKET COMMENTARY, OCTOBER 2017: 'Global Overview'

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September 2017:


"Figures released from the Office of National Statistics suggest that Britons have started to spend more and save less.  In the first quarter of 2017, according to the data, the average savings ratio which had hovered in the 6-8 per cent range for most of the last five years had fallen for the sixth successive quarter and had slumped to a record low of just 1.7 per cent."
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August 2017:

MARKET COMMENTARY, AUGUST 2017: 'Economic Picture and Market Positioning'

"The Federal   Reserve is no longer the only G10 central bank tightening monetary policy. The Bank of Canada has raised rates for the first time in seven years, helping to fuel speculation as to who will be next. Global growth data was solid in July with a notable bounce back in US business confidence. Inflation indicators remain soft." 
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July 2017:

MARKET COMMENTARY, JULY 2017: 'Global Outlook'

"Global equities are shy of record high’s as robust company earnings reinforced optimism in the worldwide economy.  All the foremost areas reported their strongest first quarter earnings growth for nearly six years, helped by a recovery in global activity. However, as always, potential headwinds to global growth remain."
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June 2017:

MARKET COMMENTARY, JUNE 2017: 'Global Overview'

"The global economy now appears healthier than at the same time last year.  Reflation is now global, rather than US led, with global manufacturing and services posting stronger readings so far this year.  Europe, in particular is now showing positive signs."
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May 2017:

MARKET COMMENTARY, MAY 2017: 'Will snap election be a game change for the markets?'

"Although Brexit and the health service are likely to dominate the general election headlines, it is received wisdom that most of us will vote with our wallets and favour the party that will benefit us the most:....
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April 2017:


"Amid the recent steps taken by the Fed to normalise policy and lean against improving economic and asset price momentum, a debate among investors continues to rage about how much global monetary policy is tightening and whether market pricing is appropriately calibrated to policymakers' reaction functions."...
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March 2017:

MARKET COMMENTARY, MARCH 2017: 'Real Assets,  So what's hot and what's not?

"Tangible asset classes are favoured at this time, perhaps like never before.  Before we say why let us expand upon what is, or was, a tangible asset."....
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February 2017:


"£30 Million -  this is the amount bookmakers have said a £10 bet could have returned, on Leicester City winning the Premier League, Britain Voting Out of the EU and Donald Trump winning the United States Presidential Election in 2016.  Following the big surprises in 2016, January 2017 has been eventful – Donald Trump has now been sworn in as President of the United States and the internet has been flooded with Donald Trump memes"...
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January 2017:

MARKET COMMENTARY, JANUARY 2017: '2016 - What a year!':

"Now that we are in mid-winter and the temperature is more seasonal, we reflect on the year gone by, taking stock of progress (or otherwise) that has been made in Global economics and the investing environment more broadly.  We also look towards the year ahead for major events and how we can best steer your funds through these “interesting” times!...
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