Here you can find a selection of useful tools and calculators to assist you with your financial planning.

With pension freedom available to those over age 55 you are aware of the tax implications of cashing in all/part of your pension fund. This simple calculator will help you with the tax calculation.  Click here

State Pension Age Calculator: Use this calculator to work out when you'll reach State Pension Age, work out your Pension Credit Qualifying Age, find out when you'll be eligible for free bus travel.  Click here

State Pension Amount Calculator: This site will enable you to obtain a forecast of what State Pension you would be entitled to at retirement.  You will be asked for personal information in order for this to be calculated.  Click here

The Office for National Statistics: How Long Your Pension Will Need to Last?  To calculate your life expectancy click here

This tool estimates what your pension plan(s) could be worth when you retire, takes state pension into account, shows ways to take income using an annuity or drawdown, shows that you can take your pension pot as cash and how this could affect your tax position, gives more accurate estimates by including basic medical questions, shows how changing variables such as pension contributions could affect your pension pot.

Find a lost pension by contacting the Pension Tracing Service online. You’ll be asked to fill in a form. This service is free.  You’ll get the address of your scheme provider if the Pension Tracing Service can find a record of them.  The Pension Tracing Service doesn’t have access to private pension details. You must contact your scheme provider to find out what your pension is worth.  

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